TV White Space – Breakthrough Technology

Konecta Smart Cities- Alged 2018 Presentation
July 16, 2018

Better Coverage than Wi-Fi

While a traditional Wi-Fi router has a relatively limited range, around 100 meters under perfect conditions, and can be blocked by walls or other environmental barriers, TV White Space technology can cover an expanse of about 10 kilometers in diameter (100 times the distance)! This breakthrough technology was nicknamed “Supa Wi-Fi” because of its superior range and ability to penetrate obstacles such as trees, buildings and rough terrain.

Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) Performance
Microwave links require line-of-sight (LOS) between the points being connected.

A New Broadband Possibility – Connecting More People
As we become more reliant on the Internet for communication, information, health services, and business relations, it has started to become clear that connectivity should be seen as a basic human right

Beyond Broadband – Connecting More Things
Aside from connecting people, TV White Space is also capable of connecting things

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