Konecta Smart Cities- Alged 2018 Presentation

TV White Space – Breakthrough Technology
July 16, 2018

E-Citizens, Engagement through Technology

Problem statement

Today’s government (Local/state/national) needs effective medium to support and engage their citizens specially the next generation citizens: millennial

Most of the government processes are digitized but usability is still issue – we don’t see citizen usage or participation as expected in using these government website or apps

Interaction between the government and citizens feels disconnected
Government doesn’t have any statistics or analysis of citizen sentiment or major pain areas that most of citizens face

eGovernance and Smart City Platform

  • Example of eGov services:
    – Birth certificate
  • Pay property tax
  • Water charges
  • Water leakage in my area (SCADA system)
  • Are cameras working in my area (City surveillance)

Konecta Chatbots

Chatbot will be integated with your citizen grievance system and allow citizens to raise grievance over chatbot

Citizens also will receive updates on complaints on chatbot
Citizen Grievance example:

  • Water leakages and burst pipes.
  • Road issues like Potholes, accidents,
  • Pollution, vandalism, etc
  • What is status of my complain # 3485948


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