Konecta Digital, Provides custom IOT and GPS Tracking Solution designed for educational institutions. The solution is primarily focused at enhancing the student safety as well as the accountability of the travel operations with student management. More than just remotely tracking the fleet, the solution is designed to track every student, using RFID ,BLE integration. This solution enables the school / college authorities to manage their transport operations more efficient, at the same time provide better peace of mind for the parents.

  • Real time tracking: Track your bus real time on web
  • Route replay: Replay the route that a bus has taken
  • Geo-fence: Get an alert as soon as the bus leaves a certain area
  • Geo-tagging*: Each bus stop is marked on map to know bus position relative to school stops
  • Parent alerts: A special service, where parents of the pupils can be sent alerts as to when the bus is reaching their respective stop
  • Speed estimates: Get average and real-time speed
  • Over speeding alerts: Set a target speed and get SMS alert on over speed.
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